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Tracking Shows My Package Was Delivered, But I Can’t Find It

We ask that you try this first:

  • It may seem silly, but check your back door, garage, apartment complex front office, with neighbors, etc. to ensure the package wasn't delivered somewhere else by mistake. This happens more often than you think, so it may just be hiding right under your nose!

  • Next, contact your local Postmaster and let him or her know that the tracking shows delivered, but that you do not have the item. They may be able to help you track it down. 

The Postal Service sometimes makes mistakes where they report that a package is delivered, but it's still on the truck or left back at the post office. Although we cannot control the path of the package once it's transmitted to the USPS, we don't like our customers to suffer. If you're able to confirm you’ve taken the previous steps, we'll do everything we can to make it right from our end. 

Review “When Will My Order Arrive?” for more insight on tracking your package.

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