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How Do I Know If I Have the Right Sized Knee Brace?

Your knee is in pain, you purchase a brace to help, but how do you know it is the right fit? Here are some tips you can use to determine if the brace is the right fit for you.

Make sure to follow the instruction sheet provided when applying your knee brace. This will ensure that you have applied it properly for the best fit. Once you have the brace on your knee, stand up, move around a bit, or even try some light exercises to see if the brace stays in place. If it does not, then you will need to determine if the brace needs some adjustment or if it is the incorrect size for you. 

How Can I Tell if My Knee Brace is Too Small?

A couple of ways to tell if your knee brace is too tight is if it causes tingling, pain, or excessive red marks on your leg. If any of these symptoms happen, then immediately take the brace off, as you do not want to damage or cause any harm to yourself. You may see that you have both problems where the brace is too large and too small either above or below the knee.

How Can I Tell if My Knee Brace is Too Big?

Often times, it can be a little tricky to determine if your brace is too big. Even when you are wearing your knee brace correctly, oftentimes, there will be some sliding of the knee brace down your leg. This is to be expected since all day, every day, gravity is doing its best to pull your knee brace down. The straps on your knee brace are frantically fighting against that constant force. If it slides a little, no worries, simply pull it back up and continue on with your day.

However, if you are constantly having trouble with your brace falling down a significant amount, can fit your entire hand or arm easily between the brace and your skin, or any other issues you are unsure about, please contact BraceAbility and ask for help. Those are some pretty good indications that you may need to exchange for a smaller size. These braces are an off-the-shelf product and unfortunately, they may not fit everybody perfectly, despite our best efforts.

What Should I Do If I Am Between Sizes?

If you are in-between sizes, check with our customer support team to get their opinion on what size might work for you. In some cases, it simply may not be the right brace for you. If you’re able to provide your measurements, our customer support team may be able to recommend a brace better suited for you.

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