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Where Do I Find My Order Number?

You'll receive a confirmation email every time you make a purchase with us!

If You Placed Your Order on

We are so glad you’ve decided to choose Braceability! After every purchase you make with us, we will send you an Order Confirmation Email. Within this email you will find your order number. You can also find your order number in the top right corner of your packing slip.

Within the Order Confirmation email, it'll show a number that begins with “7000”. This is your order number. On the packing slip that comes in your package, you can find that same “7000” order number in the top right corner in parenthesis. There will also be something that starts with "SO" as in "Sales Order" (All BraceAbility sales orders begin with “SO” and have 6 digits afterward. Please note that there may also be a 9-digit or 17-digit number in parenthesis.) Either this Sales Order number or your order number starting with “7000”  will work!

If You Placed Your Order on Amazon:

If you ordered through Amazon, your number will look a little different. The email from Amazon will have a number such as XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX in your email communication. The packing slip will show that number as well as the "SO" number mentioned above, and again, either will work!



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