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Why Haven't I Received a Receipt or Order Confirmation Yet?

Problem-Solving a Missing Receipt or Order Confirmation

If you placed your order but have yet to receive an email confirmation or receipt, here is what may be happening. 

  1. Double-Check Your Order Went Through.

Did you see a message stating that your order was placed? Occasionally, a payment doesn’t go through, or there is an issue with loading the order placed page, which may result in your order not fully going through. If you did not see an order confirmation page, you’ll need to refresh the page and place your order again!

For more information on what a confirmation email should look like, see here: Where Do I Find My Order Number?

  1. Give it a Little Time.

How long has it been since your placed your order? Order confirmation emails can as long as 24 hours to display in your email inbox, depending on the number of orders placed at the time. 

  1. Check Your Email Spam Folder! 

Occasionally, the Order Confirmation email may be sent straight to your email spam folder. Check there before reaching out to Customer Service to save time!

  1. Reach Out to Us!

If the steps above all did not work for you, though unlikely, it’s possible there was a glitch in the system, causing you not to receive a receipt or order confirmation email. Reach out to [email protected] with your name, situation, and order number if possible! 

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